Australia: Where the Living Is Good and Education is World-Class

What is it like to study in Australia?

As one of the most culturally-diverse countries in the world, Australia is safe, friendly, and accepts people of all religions and beliefs.

The standard of education in Australia is truly international. The country has a long tradition of providing quality education to students from around the world. Over 600,000 international students from more than 200 countries study here, taking up a wide range of courses, from project management courses, to business courses, to HR courses..

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading educational institutions, academics, and researchers who are conducting innovative research in areas such as climate change, biotechnology, and clean energy. Here, you can learn how to communicate effectively with others and develop practical skills and knowledge from living abroad in a country that welcomes you as one of its own.

In Australia, students are expected to complete a considerable amount of private study. Generally, students spend a lot more time in the library as they work hard to maintain their grades. The style of teaching in Australian universities is a combination of traditional lecture-style learning and interactive, innovative group work. The core material of the subject is always given in lectures, followed by small-group tutorials.

It is also one of the few places that allow you to take courses that are counted towards your degree. The education process in Australia is much more based on writing and independent research rather than a series of assignments due throughout the semester. Courses also involve a lot more discussion in a tutorial group.

Living Expenses in Perth

Studying in Perth also offers plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the city. To get the most out of your experience, it would be helpful to know the average cost of living in Perth, as this will help you to budget accordingly and live within your means.

A list of the basic costs that you need to consider are listed below:

-Groceries and eating out – $80 to $200 per week

-Gas, electricity – $60 to 100 per week

-Phone and internet – $20 to 50 per week

-Public transport – $10 to 50 per week

-Entertainment – $50 to $100 per week

Note: All cost is in Australian dollars

Should you experience financial trouble while in Australia, it is recommended that you talk to your institution’s international student support staff for assistance.


Perth is a city of success and possibilities with its colleges and universities that are dedicated to preparing today’s students to be leaders in the complex world of tomorrow. To have an idea of the educational opportunities you will have, please click on this link.