Recognition of Prior Learning at Keystone College of Business and Technology

Use previous experience to fast track your course

Use your previous experience and qualifications to advance your career faster with Keystone College of Business & Technology’s recognition of prior learning offering. This process takes into account the skills, knowledge and experience you have already gained, so you don’t have to repeat what you already know, thereby reducing your learning time, and helping you achieve your new qualification sooner.

RPL Assessment

You don’t need to have a prior certificate of higher education in order to apply for this process, but you do need valid experience, which is qualified through an assessment. Your experience can include both informal and formal training, both of which are fully recognised in the assessment process.

The RPL process is used to:

  • Identify students’ training and skills
  • Matching that experience up to the criteria as set out by the course qualification
  • Assess the knowledge and skills in the particular field of experience
  • Crediting students based on previous training, and skills already learned

You are required to provide:

  • Appraisals
  • Portfolio work
  • References
  • CV

Please note that you may be required to attend a practical challenge test or knowledge-based test as a part or RPL assessment.

Based on the outcome of this assessment, students will be credited accordingly or be required to return to learning from the beginning.

Skills recognition goes a long way to show our students that no matter what or where they have studied or gained experience before, their skills are valuable and their experience matters in a world that regularly demands certifications.

Prior learning is a building block on which companies are built and leaders are moulded. Many of our students who have extensive experience in various fields go on to advance their careers even further by combining their previous skills with new courses. We can help you further advance your career because we respect your previous experience.

RPL Benefits

Aside from the benefit of using your previous experience to advance through your studies quicker, the other benefits to RPL are the saving of money. Less time on the courses means less course fees. You save time because you are cutting your studies in half thanks to your previous qualification or experience. It’s easy enough to say you can also save yourself study effort, but we promote dedication from start to finish.

Contact us today and find out more about our prior learning recognition process and how you can apply to be assessed.