What Do Potential Employers Look for?

Find out what recruiters look for in candidates, and get prepared.

You’ve got an interview and you’re concerned because you don’t know what the recruiter is looking for? What do you wear? Do you laugh at their jokes? How do you not seem overeager? What do you and don’t you say? What about body language? It’s like going on a blind date, trying to make an impression and hoping you aren’t rejected.

However, it doesn’t need to be that nerve wracking. Prepare beforehand by finding out more about the company and who their clients are. You have more advantages over the candidates of yesteryear thanks to online information.

Nowadays, candidates are extremely informed so you will need to be informed, and bring a little bit more to the table than just meeting the job description. So, we take a look at what recruiters look for in a potential employee.


Employers want to know that you have bigger plans to ambitiously move forward with your career. They want to know that you are an initiator, and not someone who needs to be spoon-fed. Self-motivation goes a long way to giving the impression that you’ll make a difference at a company.

Team players

You’re interviewing to work in a company, which means different personalities and many projects that require more than one brain. Even though many tasks only require one person, employers want to hire candidates who can work well in a team when required. A solid team ensures a good working environment and excellent project outcomes, which is great for business. So, polish your team-playing skills because you will be asked about it at your next interview.

Giving credit

It’s normal to want to showcase your own work when interviewing at a company; however, if you can politely accept a compliment on your work, and give credit to fellow team players who helped, you will earn respect.

As much as many people are tempted to show themselves to be the hero of the day with tasks and accomplishments  it does not create a good impression with potential employers when team mates are not credited for work they did alongside you. Show you are confident enough to give credit to others, and you’ve already set yourself apart from many others.


Employers look for new hires that drive their own potential and don’t stay down after setbacks. If you can show that you are easily able to get up after a lapse, dust yourself off and turn the lesson you learned into positive action, you will certainly be a more attractive asset to any company. Staying calm and focused in moments of high stress is what managers look for.


If you cannot be trusted to do a job correctly and ensure your clients are happy, you’ll sour any potential future career prospects. When leaving one company for another, you want to ensure that when you close a door, you have a good record of integrity behind it. Distrust will only unravel any good you’ve done in the past, so ensure you build your working career on a foundation of trust.

Learning the right traits – as stated above – are essential to making a good impression with recruiters. We aren’t always born with these attributes; they are gained in the workplace. If you’re open to learning new lessons and keen to grow your career, then you’ll take every opportunity, negative and positive, and use it to your advantage.

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