KCBT ELICOS General English – 21st Century Skills

At KCBT teachers prepare their students for the real world, by giving them global skills necessary for the 21st century whilst learning English at the same time.

Introduction of HOT SKILLS – higher- order thinking skills in which students understand things at a higher level, infer and connect them with other concepts rather than memorizing facts.

Students understand their own strengths and work towards goals to overcome challenges.

• Problem-Solving Skills – students are given step by step methods to solving problems in all areas of their life, using real-life examples
• Critical Thinking – students are encouraged to think outside the box; infer, invent, create, design and ask questions.
• Visual Imagery -Students discover their minds and how to grasp concepts through visualisation, making movies in their mind.
• Organisational Skills – students are given tools to organise their thoughts. Mind-maps, time management and study skills help connect their thoughts, concepts and relationships.
• Team Building – Students learn by working with others.
• Leadership Skills – Students can lead a team in a project. 
• Emotional Intelligence – Students learn to manage their emotions and the emotions of others to improve their social behaviour.
• Mindfulness – Learn the importance of managing stress in today’s world through meditation and taking care of one’s overall health and well-being.
• L.E.A.P (Language  Extension & Additional Practice – students can work with other students regardless of their English levels in special workshops where the focus may be in a particular skill, e.g. Communication and Culture (Updates on Immigration, Life in Australia, Further Studies); Academic Writing Preparation; Employment Skills; Pronunciation through Singing; Listening for a Purpose.