English Test

Welcome to your English


Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Use of dictionary,  electronic devices or mobile devices to assist with answers is not permitted. This is not a pass or fail test and the results are to determine the student’s current English language proficiency level to ensure they enrol in the right course / duration to meet their study goals. 


Each question is worth one mark (1 mark awarded if correct) for sections 1A to 3A.

For section 3B and 3C Reading and Writing : Full marks awarded if each point is summarised correctly and correct spelling and grammar is utilised. Deduct marks for spelling and grammatical errors as well as any major points missed in the summary. 

1A : Vocabulary  - Time allocated 15 minutes 

Questions 1-8: Sentence completion: Question and Answer – gap fill with multiple choice answers.  
Task: Choose a, b or c to fill in the gap with the correct missing word(s) in the question or the answer below: There’s no ABC on the answers.

1.  Question: Are there any eggs in the recipe?

Answer: Yes, _______

2. Question: Do you have pets?

Answer: Yes, I do. I have ______ cat.

3. Question: Do you speak any French?

Answer: No, not ______

4. Question: I’d like to ask a question

Answer: I’m sorry, there’s ____ time for questions

5.Question: What does your father do for work?

Answer: He’s ____ architect

6. Question: Do you have _____ friends here?

Answer: Yes, I do

7. Question: Where’s _____ train station?

Answer: It’s in the next block

8. Question: Do you have any homework to complete?

Answer: Yes, _____.

1B : Vocabulary – Time allocated 15 minutes

Questions 9 – 20:

Task: Complete the following conversation with one word from the box below. Please note each word in the box is only used one time to fill in the missing word in the sentence: 

9. John: I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want____?

10. Karen: Hmm. I don’t think we need ____.

11. Karen: Let me look in ____ refrigerator.

12. Karen: We only have __ ____ milk left.

13. Karen: So please get ____ carton of milk.

14. John: OK. _____ bread do we have?

15. John: Is there ______?

16. Karen: Yes, _____ enough bread for now.

17. John: Great, how about fruit? I eat __ ____ __ fruit on this new diet.

18. Karen: ______ three apples and two pears.

19. We may need ______ more fruit. How about some oranges?

20. John: OK. ______ shall I get?

Section 2A :  Grammar/Use of English –  Time allocated 15 minutes

Questions 21 - 28:

21. What do you think? __________ tomorrow?

22. I’m going to leave work early today because ______ a doctor’s appointment.

23. Don’t worry about your plants. ________ them while you’re gone.

24. Use our shampoo for a week and your hair __________ softer.

25. My friends are going to go to a movie, but I’m _________.

26. I’m sorry I made such a mess. ________ do it again.

27. We’re hungry. When _______ ready?

28. Mr Jackson is 65. ________ retire soon.

3A :  Reading and Writing –  Time allocated 20 minutes

Questions 29 - 34: 

Task: Read the sentences below and complete the second part of the sentence that talks about the result. 

Use can, can’t, could or couldn’t and match it with one of the phrases in the box to complete the sentence. 

See example completed below. 

It’s a beautiful day. We can go for a walk.


29. There’s a lot of snow in the mountains. We ______

30. Jack was very sleepy in class. He ___________

31. The children got money for their birthday. They __________

32. Brian has a beautiful voice. He _____

33. The bus came late. I ______

34. I don’t have any detergent. I ______

Section 3B :  Reading and Writing –  Time allocated 20 minutes

35. Task: Read the paragraphs below and summarise the text in your own words. Extract the key information and summarise it in the text box below in 40 words or less.

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for taking care of my apartment this week while I am away. I know we talked about things
over the phone, but here are some reminders for you. Would you please feed the cat twice a day? The cat food is on
the kitchen counter. Also will you check her water bowl? She drinks a lot of water on hot days.

The plants will probably be okay, but if you could please check them?

Would you do me one more small favour please? I receive lots of mail, so the mailbox can get very full. Would you
please empty the mailbox every day? Please leave any mail that comes on the dining room table.

Oh and by the way, I have left some chocolate cake in the fridge, it’s delicious! You are more than welcome to try

Thanks again, and I’ll see you next week when I get back home.
Wendy xx

35. Sample Answer: 39 words

Wendy thanked Jennifer for looking after her place. Feed the cat twice a day and check water regularly. Check on
plants. Check mailbox everyday and leave mail on dining table. Try some of the chocolate cake in the fridge!

Section 3C :  Reading and Writing –  Time allocated 20 minutes

36. Task: Read the academic writing paragraphs below and summarise the text in your own words.  Extract the key information and provide summary in the text box below in 40 words or less.  

“Travelling can help you experience life in different ways. Traveling is also a good remedy for stress, anxiety and depression as it often improves your mental and physical health. Traveling undoubtedly is the best option for those who believe in leading a healthy life. 

Those who travel are less likely prone to health issues as they are more active. The mental benefits of travel often begin well before the trip does.  While traveling, most people include increased physical activity which promotes heart health by lowering the blood pressure and even preventing a stroke. 

It has been scientifically proven that traveling reduces stress levels. This can help detoxify all your negatives and make you active, both physically and mentally, leaving you feeling healthy and rejuvenated. During your travels, you may also feel encouraged to do things which you never thought you would do. Doing this will not only improve your life but may help you prove to yourself just how amazing you are!”


36. Sample Answer: 34 words

Traveling can help you experience life while reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Traveling helps with a healthy
lifestyle including increased physical activity. Traveling can improve your life and encourage you to try new things.