Why Study Social Media?

January 17, 2019

Why Study Social Media?

study social media

Why study social media - blog post - 10118NAT Diploma of Social Media MarketingYou may be asking yourself why you should attend to college to study social media.

Over the years, social media has grown from what was initially called “New Media” to being a phenomenon all in itself.  As the internet has grown since its inception, no longer is it enough to just have a website – much more needs to be done if a business is to effectively reach a customer and make a sale among all their competitors and other online interests that the customer has.

Social Media Marketing is a specialised aspect that falls within the overall Marketing industry.  While many small companies feel that social media marketing is enough – just posting a few times on Facebook will not earn long term customers, or foster brand loyalty.

This is where learning social media marketing in a formal course will benefit any individual who chooses to pursue this path.  With frequent changes on all the social media platforms, regarding rules, platform layout, and more, social media marketing is becoming a specialised skill that one can no longer claim to be an expert on based simply on being self taught.  Previously, it was easy enough to attain a social media job by keeping an updated personal blog and owning a personal Facebook profile.  But not anymore, nowadays prospective clients want a portfolio or case studies of social media accounts that you have managed before.  While the question of ethics and client privacy comes into that topic, the basic premise is that clients want proof that you have specialist knowledge in the subject and are capable of what you plan to do.

It’s a common misconception by people who enjoy using social media and post multiple times a day, that they are social media experts.  Often these people will post in online groups asking about how they can get started as a social media manager.  Evidently they need direction, but without proper training, they may find themselves falling short when it comes to sustainable long term marketing for their clients.  This is where formal training can help fill in the gaps.

At KCBT, we offer the only nationally accredited social media qualification10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing.  This classroom based course runs for 36 weeks, in which time the student will learn transferable skills such as market research, audience profiling, project planning, project management, results analysis and reporting.  At the end of the course, the student emerges with a qualification that opens doors for them.

Contact the team at KCBT if you wish to find out more about the course, how you can join and when our next intake is.