The End of Another Year Filled with Christmas Cheer at KCBT

January 15, 2020

The End of Another Year Filled with Christmas Cheer at KCBT

With Christmas only days away, all the staff and students at KCBT have been counting down to holidays, celebrations and good cheer. Early December, the students and trainers all came together to spread the spirit of Christmas in a variety of ways around the College.

Deck the Class with Boughs of Holly

Over the past few weeks, trainers and their students had the task of decorating their classrooms to create an atmosphere of Christmas. As you enter each classroom there is a different feel to Christmas, helium balloons and gigantic red bows, Santa, baubles, tinsel and Christmas trees can be found. It sure made studying in the last few weeks a lot more fun.

KCBT “Grateful” Christmas Tree

What is Christmas without a tree?  Well, the KCBT Christmas tree this year was put up in reception and has been covered not only in lights, but also in paper baubles with hand-written messages written by staff and students. The messages reflect something each person is grateful for this Christmas. Friends and family, love and friendship seemed to top the list. We had a lot of fun reading and guessing who wrote what.

Food Drive

Christmas is a time for giving, and yet again KCBT organised a food drive to encourage our students and staff to make some contribution to society and help those in need this Christmas. Under the KCBT tree is a basket hamper which is full to the brim. These non-perishable items will be delivered to food bank so they can be distributed before Christmas Day.

Christmas Buffet

Ending the year with a celebration or two, after many months of lesson planning and assessments was well-earned. It was time to come together and share a meal for Christmas. KCBT put on 2 lunches for the students of their VET programs and a dinner for the English evening students. There was a banquet of food and desserts, Christmas decorations, gifts, lights and carols. The students were so grateful to have the opportunity to share a Christmas meal with their KCBT family. There were some Santa bellies after eating and lots of smiles.

Staff Christmas Dinner

This year KCBT treated its staff to a delicious 3 course meal of amazing Indian Food from 2 Fat Indians Restaurant in Beaufort Street Mt Lawley. There was laughter, Secret Santa and lots of photos to cherish the memories of an eventful year in 2019. 


It seems that food is always a common theme at KCBT. The last business day of the year was celebrated with a staff lunch here on campus. Staff contributed bringing a variety our food from their different cultural backgrounds. The last day was filled with joy as it should be.

Farewell to 2019

As we clean our desks and close the doors to our offices behind us, let’s reflect back on our year, the friendships we made along the way, the challenges and how we made it through knowing that there was always someone there to offer a smile on rainy days. Let’s cherish every day and be grateful.

Here’s to a peaceful and happy Christmas to you all. May it be filled with love and most of all kindness for a bigger and brighter 2020.

Many Blessings.