Accredited or Non-Accredited? – Get the Skills You Need

April 15, 2018

Accredited or Non-Accredited? – Get the Skills You Need

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Accredited or Non-Accredited? Get the Skills You Need Why an accredited social media course will benefit you -

Why an accredited social media course will benefit you.

With the ever-present nature of social media in the modern era, many are looking for ways in which to tap into this huge industry, and get the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in such a digital environment. While searching for such an education, many turn to YouTube tutorials, seminars, podcasts, and many other venues in hopes of obtaining a proper skill set.  Several colleges and organisations offer social media courses, either in order to compete with existing social media courses offered in Perth, or in an attempt to capture some of the market share. While all mentioned mediums may have a wealth of good information and aid, they should never be treated as a substitute for an accredited social media course.

When looking to become a part of any industry, making sure that the skills and knowledge being obtained are at, or above, the current standards of the desired field is key. Seminars and non-accredited sources offered from various sources may have pertinent and useful information, but can hinder progress towards working in the field of social media if they are the only source of experience: employers tend to prefer candidates with an accredited degree, and when attending educational institutes, it is very unlikely that such knowledge will become transfer credits.

For those who desire a career in social media, Keystone College of Business and Technology offers the only nationally accredited 10118NAT Diploma in Social Media Marketing in Perth. Other forms of education can give wonderful insight, and supplement the knowledge that our social media course imparts on our students, but cannot replace the level of qualification we can make sure each graduating student has.

Continuing to grow; to learn, to explore, and improve our capabilities, is a drive we strive to impart upon our students. We will not be satisfied producing anything but skilled graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a leader in their future place of work. By providing simulated and real-life work experiences, we promise to be a secure path to take in the pursuit of social media qualification, and by extension, a career in social media marketing.